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With a strong cultural and historic heritage and a close connection with the river and the sea, Oeiras has been able to prepare itself for contemporary life in a unique manner.


Researchers' House located in Oeiras, is halfway between Lisbon and Cascais, on the shores of the north bank of river Tagus. Living in Oeiras provides you the opportunity to live in a nice municipality near Lisbon and by the sea. In addition to its proximity to Lisbon, it has a thriving economy and employment opportunities in big multinational companies, good transport connections to Lisbon and the airport as well as many recreational areas and parks. In between Cascais and Lisbon – both about 15 miles away and interconnected by highway and train, Researchers' House is here to provide you pleasant accommodation in Lisbon Oeiras. With the sea and many green spaces right at “your window”, Researchers' House Lisbon Oeiras is the ideal place for you to live; large business centers and several leisure and commercial areas just a few steps away further support a pleasant life in Portugal.

The connection between Oeiras, the Tagus and the Atlantic is a source of leisure and recreational activity for those who live here. The Oceanic Pool, the Algés Sea Promenade, where one of the most famous music festivals in Lisbon takes place or the Oeiras Sea Promenade are just a few spots that celebrate this connection. In addition to the beaches in Lisbon, the parks and gardens are other points of interest in the Oeiras. Oeiras is home to some lovely Portuguese beaches such as Praia da Torre, Praia de Santo Amaro, Praia de Paço de Arcos. They all offer scenic views and are good for relaxing, sunbathing and surfing.

beaches in lisbon

Oeiras has kept some amazing historic patrimony that is worth being discovered. The Marquis of Pombal Palace is one of the most striking buildings in the council. The inside is covered with decorative works of art, namely stucco pieces and wall tiles, typical of the Marquis-influenced artistic line. The palace gardens are a good example of environmental architecture in Portugal. The old Barcarena Gun Powder Factory is a place rich in history, as well as the Caxias Royal Manor, built between the eighteen and nineteen centuries and made famous for the rigorous drawing plans of its French-influenced garden.


Palácio do Marquês de Pombal

Lisbon is a city with a strong creative and entrepreneurial ecosystem, and a modern network oriented towards modernity, Oeiras has been investing in the quality of life of its inhabitants, with all the amenities of a modern city, namely a large range of schools, healthcare equipment, good access, and a complete public transport network. At the same time, it has been able to attract big international companies, being today a highly reputed corporate destination for entrepreneurs.  It is also one of the main R&D centers in Portugal, especially in scientific research. Some research institutes in Oeiras are Institute for Biomedical Technology and the Centre for Developmental Biology.


Fish, seafood, wine, and delicious pastries; these are all popular parts of the Portuguese gastronomy that you’re likely to be acquainted with. The Portuguese diet is Mediterranean by origin with a generous splash of our own, internationally award-winning olive oil, along with aromatic herbs, an assortment of fruit and vegetables, and produce from the sea which represents one of its greatest legacies. The most traditional popular taverns sit alongside the most contemporary restaurants throughout the country, providing rich, varied and unforgettable gastronomical experiences.


Cozido à Portuguesa

All our gastronomy comes with a good wine. There’s wine to suit all tastes: whites and reds, sparkling, fortified and liqueur wines. Portugal has a strong winemaking tradition with wines from the Douro and Alentejo, as well as the famous Port and Madeira wines. Wines that are world-renown for their quality and with extremely interesting and prestigious wineries that you can visit, taste the wine, get to the know the region and its people.

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