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Portugal has been distinguished by international institutions for its thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and constant promotion of technological development and innovation. Lisbon has several characteristics that make it an excellent laboratory for those who come from other parts of the world and want to penetrate the European market. Oeiras becoming the center of this entrepreneurship ecosystem. Researchers House sits in the middle of this ecosystem, provides young entrepreneurs a place to comfortably manage their start-ups.

The start-up scene in Lisbon is thriving with record numbers of companies registered in the last few years, and there is a large contingent of foreign entrepreneurs who have taken root in the city. The wide availability of support, low taxes, and affordable resources all make Lisbon an ideal launching pad for young and ambitious entrepreneurs.


Oeiras is a municipality with a strong culture in the areas of technology and innovation due to the significant concentration of multinationals. Technological parks like, Lagoas Park, Tagus Park, Oeiras Valley, and the recently inaugurated “Startups Factory” place Oeiras on the map of the municipalities that invest the most in entrepreneurship new business development. Hosting world technological giants Google, Samsung, Oracle, and industrial companies like BMW, Renault, and numbers of newly established start-ups, those technological parks creating a suitable entrepreneurship ecosystem in Oeiras Lisbon.


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