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Are you inspired to live the digital nomad lifestyle?

Digital Nomads are the experts of making money while traveling around the world.

Wherever they go, all they need is a laptop and a stable Wİ-Fİ connection.

   The digital nomad lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, with their technologies and the help of the internet, they can simply bring their jobs with them wherever they go and work from hotel rooms, libraries, cafés, or any other accommodation. Finding the perfect accommodation is crucial for any nomad, as this place you temporarily call home is the only thing that will give you a sense of comfort and a chance to relax and unwind after a long day. Researchers' House welcomes young travelers and entrepreneurs who pass through Lisbon.

   The Researchers´ House is a

project that results from a need to a

place where Researchers, Professors,

Ph.D. students, participants on scientific

conferences seminars, digital nomads

and highly intellectually qualified

professionals can stay in a calm, safe,

and intellectually inspiring place.

    Located in Oeiras,15 min away from the Lisbon city center, Researchers' House offers you a quiet and calm place and an intellectual environment to study and work. Oeiras is a municipality with a strong culture in the areas of technology and innovation, creating an entrepreneurship ecosystem that invests in new business development. Many companies, universities, and governmental organizations now allocate resources to the detection of marketable research and to devise a strategy for how to exploit it.

digital nomad accomodation

Because people are at the heart of everything, we envisioned the Researcher’s House Lisbon Oeiras as the place of choice for connecting ideas, experiences, and business practices from around the world. So, if you are a researcher in a university, company, or institute, a Ph.D. or MSc student, Dean, Professor, entrepreneur we are happy to welcome you to the Researcher’s House Lisbon Oeiras for a stay.

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